The whole week of live Endoscopy

and Surgery 

at A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery

Academician A.REVISHVILI
 Director of the Institute
Professor Y.STARKOV
Chairman of the organizing committee
Dear friends, be prepared for a whole week of fascinating endoscopic surgery which is called Moscow International Festival of Endoscopy and Surgery!

The eternal theme of our Festival remains "The Art of Surgery"!

We invite you to meet the colleagues from different parts of Russia and the world to turn the science of Surgery into real art! 


Dear colleagues!


We live in the time of technological progress, new techniques and great changes in medical training and education. Our time gives us a variety of opportunities for continuous improvement.


However, given the huge amount of new information to be processed and numberless medical conferences, it becomes more and more difficult to decide which information is most important and to determine one's priorities for one's own training and to find time in our busy schedules. And these are the factors we took into account while creating the Program of the Festival.


Would you like to know what sets our event apart from most others?

The Festival 2018

Experts 2018

Past experts 

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